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Our Specialties

We work with students of any age, from K-12 learners all the way up to Continuing Education and lifelong learners. We have experience assisting preschoolers with basics and tutoring, college graduates and students, as well seniors who want to keep learning. Our specialties include students with special needs, students and student-athletes looking for balance, and those  who are D/deaf or hard-of-hearing.

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Our Subjects

Hansen Tutoring LLC is unique in that we hire tutors to fit the needs of our students.  Our current tutors can help with many subjects, but if there is a subject you need assistance with that we don't currently teach, please let us know! we can hire a tutor who is qualified to tutor and teach to personalize the experience just for you!

As of 2022, We Currently Tutor & Teach:

All K-8 Subjects




Algebra I


Algebra II








Basic Science

Criminology/ Criminal Justice

Physical Therapy



Science & Disorder (CSD)




Technical Writing


College Essay Writing





American Sign Language



Literacy, Spelling, Grammar & Handwriting


Alex was an athlete from a very young age. It all started with swimming and volleyball and then she turned into a full-time student-athlete at the Division I level. She was on the Junior National Team for rowing at one point and an Olympic hopeful shortly after.


Being both a student AND an athlete was Alex's priority. She gained numerous athletic-academic awards in college because she strove for balance.

Do you need balance? We can help you!

Do you need help in school so you can be recruited? We got your back!

Tennis Racket and Ball
Autism Therapy

Students with Special Needs

Alex has worked with numerous individuals who identify with Autism, ADHD/ADD, Hearing Loss, Mental Health difficulties, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Dyslexia, Seizure Disorders, Processing Disorders and more.

Alex not only can help, but she also understands what it is like to struggle. She herself has battled with hearing loss, ADHD, PTSD. She has overcome these difficulties with the help of others and assistive technologies like hearing aids.

Do YOU need help? Do you learn a little differently and need a patient tutor? We understand and we can help.